About OuDaPoke

A pokemon tool not just a bot, a pokemon guide not just a pokedex.

No matter when and where you are, you deserve it. We can help you find more coordinates, catch pokemons, manage your pokemon and items, get more information about pokemon go, and many more...

OuDaPoke Features:

  • Auto Farming Pokestops/Pokemon
  • Poke radar search/filter pokemons by pokemon ID, CP, IV, DSP time
  • Local Sniping feature with timer implemented to avoid getting soft banned!!!
  • Raid Radar search/filter pokemons by Egg, Boss, Level 1,2,...,5
  • Map feature that allows you to travel wherever you want and to catch whatever you wish for!
  • Profile management of your pokemons, items, locations, accounts, etc.
  • And many more features...
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Latest Version v5.6

0. AutoPokesniper Introduced:

0.1 Choose/Filter 5 Pokemon of your choice and Auto Snipe that from the Poke Radar automatically. This works together (hand-in-hand) with the Timer Intelligence Mechanism that will ensure that you will never get soft-banned again! Get ready to collect crazy amount of candies!

0.2 Double Candy: Option to use pinap berry in autosnipe and next to it show how many pinab berries are left.

1. Raid Radar Introduced:

1. Search where the raids are taking place; filter by level, Egg, Boss. Then you can copy the coords of that selection and share them with your friends.

1. Raid Radar Introduced:

1. Search where the raids are taking place; filter by level, Egg, Boss. Then you can copy the coords of that selection and share them with your friends.

2. Poke Radar Redesigned:

2.1. CP for lvl30+ added in both the Pokémon list and in fullscreen mode.

2.2. Moveset for lvl30+ added in both the Pokémon list and in fullscreen mode.

2.3. Despawn time added in the Pokémon info in fullscreen mode.

2.4. Refresh button in fullscreen mode.

2.5. Sort Button by (1) Default (OK to catch), (2) CP, (3) IV and (4) Time DSP.

2.6. Real time timer on each Pokémon in the list of Poke Radar.

2.7 Catch marker/badge remains in the Pokémon list of the caught until the Pokémon DSP.

3. Map Feature improvements:

3.1 Included 3 options: (1) Catch only pokemon , (2) Spin only pokestops and (3) Catch pokemon + Spin pokestops.

3.2 Default speed changed to 10km/h.

4. Timer reset intelligence Introduced:

4.1 Never get softbanned again! OuDaPoke will calculate the time you need to catch a pokemon without putting your account in danger!

4.2 Whenever you login with another pogo account, the timer resets automatically, however, it remembers the last timer stamp placedof your previous account(s).

5. Profile Improvements:

5.1 Experience level and live time experience bar included.

5.2 Refresh button added.

5.3. Stardust and Coin information included.

5.4 Default value when dropping items is now set to 1 in inventory Manage.d

5.5. PoGo Account Password is now hidden when adding it.

5.6. OuDaPoke version is now included.

6. Share button been added whenever you catch a pokemon.

7. Candy information has been added to Pokemon Manager and also shown when you catch a pokemon.

8. Evolve button included and appers Whenever you catch a Pokémon and you have enough candy.

9. Soft Ban Remove feature has been removed, as it is no longer relevant.

10. Several UI improvements & bug fixes.

11. Removed the 5 seconds waiting time after catching a Pokémon so as to snipe Pokémon even faster.

12. PTC & GMAIL login stable.

13. Solve Captcha feature.

14. Gen 3 pokemon have been added.

Upcoming Features

1. Gym Battle.

2. Add selection of berries to use when catching a Pokemon.

1. UI Auto Language Detection by Device Language (Korean/English/Chinese); we are adding more languages in future updates.

2. Added both Gen1 & Gen2 Max CP (i.e. Lvl30) in "Pokemon Manage".

3. Various stability issues fixed and text improvements.

1. Filter out max CP Pokemon in inventory (useful when transferring).

2. Hatch eggs feature inside the Map.

3. Allow trainer to catch only one Pokemon at a time to avoid accidentally tapping on 2 Pokemon that will lead to the app crashing.

4. Change Captcha required message to Check: 1. Ball Count, 2. Check Pokemon Inventory 3. Solve Captcha in Pokemon Go app.

5. Fix Location Manage under Location Set.

6. Third-party 100IV (in progress).

1. Farm pokestops & Hatch Eggs.

2. IV Radar feeder/scanner.

3. Poke Radar (search specific Pokemon from Pokedex).

4. World Map Radar (search globally for Pokemon).

5. Manage Pokemon Account (insert as many Pokemongo accounts (you have) as you like! NOT just one!). Set your buddy Pokemon.

6. Choose a sub (dummy) account for safety reasons!

7. Manage your inventory (drop items, use lucky egg, Power up, Evolve, Set Buddy Pokemon and choose your favorite ones (star them).

8. Manual sniper (by inserting coordinates).

9. Choose which type of balls (i.e. Poke, Great or Ultra balls) you wish to use.

OuDaPoke Instructions


1. Download the latest verion of OuDaPoke v5.6 from your iOS device. 2. Join our Discord and send a PM to one of our Admins for the download password. 3. Once you get the password, insert it and click download. 4. Once the installation process is completed, go to "Settings", click on "General", choose "Device Management", click on the Developer App and click "Verify"/"Trust". 5. Go back to your home screen, click on OuDaPoke and have fun!


Insert your OuDaPoke account (i.e. username and password) in "OuDa Login" under "My Profile". If you don't have an account, get an account from our Selly page, and/or join our Discord to obtain one. Click on the "Please login PTC/Google" and add your account...

Account manage

Do you have more pogo accounts? Don't worry you can add those too. Just click Account Manager and then click Add. (Note: You can only use one at the same time, however, you can switch between account(s) very quickly by clicking on those in the Account Manager).

Location set

Click Location Set. Then insert the coordinates of your last known location. If your last known location is your physical one, just click Locate and then hit Save. You can also choose one of the preset "Hot Locations".


Under My Profile, you can do great things, such as 1) set your location, 2) Manage your Pokemon/Item inventory, 3) use the live coords feed, 4) soft unban yourself, and 5) manage your PoGo (PTC/Gmail) accounts.


IV Radar feature: use it to catch any Pokemon our scanners constantly search worldwide. Poke Radar feature: use it to catch any pokemon you wish from the PokeDex.

Step-by-step video instructions

Check the step-by-step video instructions here

Check also our new Manual here


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